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Beyond this portal lies the original Kalevala Records page, If you're already in possession of the "facts" dive right in. Otherwise ...this is an introduction which I shall endeavour to keep short.

For those who are unenlightened... The Kalevala label was the fabled attempt by legendary zenarchists and psychogeographers Bill (KLF) Drummond and Mark (Zodiac Mindwarp) Manning to gain worldwide exposure for the visionary musical and artistic movement that had been flourishing, despite complete obscurity, within the Finnish underground since the 1960s.

Why this remarkable scene had gone unnoticed by a western media that is usually utterly rapacious in its greed for a "next big thing" of any description was pretty simple: Drummond and Manning had cooked the whole thing up in the over-heated ovens of their minds during their gonzo pilgrimage to place a statue of Elvis at the North Pole - sounds somewhat far-fetched, eh? Well the whole escapade is chronicled in the (semi) autobiographical "Bad Wisdom" (Penguin Books 1996, reissued by Creation Books 2002) ...read it at your peril. Further information contained in Bill Drummond's "45" (Abacus 2001) fact fans.

Just six 7" singles were released before the dynamic duo either lost interest or ran out of money, but what a fine little catalogue of work it was. We here at Probe Records were so impressed that during 1997 we set up a web-page in honour of these sonic achievements - but please note: this was never, as some at the time thought, the "official" site, nor was it in any way connected with the label itself. It was, in truth, just more invention riding along on top of the original fiction - think of it as a freestyling homage to a real work of Art.

That page sits here, exactly as it was in 1997, unaltered since the closing days of the last century. Everything contained in it is The Truth.