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Important News! August 2010: Probe Records Has Relocated!

Yes folks, it's true! On the 16th of August we moved to shiny new premises at The Bluecoat on School Lane, and we couldn't be happier - not only is it a well established creative centre for modern art and music (take a look at their history to see what they've had on there over the years, you'll be gobsmacked) but it's also the oldest extant building in Liverpool city centre ...and grade one listed to boot, hence no signage on the exterior. You can find our entrance right on School Lane just to the right of the gates - there's a map below to help you. Be seeing you...



Current opening times are 12PM til 6PM Tuesday to Saturday and 12ish til 4ish Sundays and Mondays (er, probably)...although if it's busy we'll stay open later.

Oh yeah, MySpace site here:
Is Facebook still going? It is??? Well, OK, maybe we'd better get on it (finally)

If you're lost in Liverpool and still can't find the shop call us on: 0151 708 8815



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